24 Dec 2009

..Here I go again..

Somehow I managed to get my own Christmas here in Denmark when everybody was telling it is almost impossible to get snow in here. But I did. And I enjoyed it. The irony is, that now, when everybody is having their Christmas - mine is over. No more snow on the streets, no more Christmas, at least for me. So this is it - my first official Christmas NOT at home. And I'm not complaining, everything could be much much worse.

The last days were very easy going for me - I finally enjoyed doing nothing and being with myself. Of course, in a mean time I had to fix my bike [again]. I'm becoming advanced bike repairer, how come I signed up for advanced economics in here? And I had to work couple of shifts, but then again - after work You get a beer and You feel so much worth it.

Danes are really not that good in knowledge of what `the rocking party is`. For them it's just mostly drinking too much and then drinking some more. Well, as long as they help me having my job - I'm satisfied and I am very thankful for their drinking habits.

Today I will spend my first unordinary Christmas eve with different people from different countries and Christmas games. Should be fun. While Christmas [both days] I will spend while working. Completely different from the ones I used to have before. Well, one thing still stays constant - I don't feel that good, I'm very much close to getting sick. Hopefully not, I cannot afford that to myself right now.

So, all in all, I wish all of You, who reads me here, very Merry White and Full of Miracles Christmas. And don't ever stop believing in miracles, this year I can say for a fact - it does creat those magic little things, called miracles, around us.

18 Dec 2009

..Miracles bring miracles..

Yesterday I had a killer trainer and today I had a killer day. And I managed to survive both of them – is that anything?
Denmark became a complete Christmas city. We finally have got -3 in the air [feels like at least -15 though], some snow on the ground, which still stays [my major reason for Christmas] and this time, when You feel like on holidays [since exams starts only in a month].
All this snow gives some unexpectedness, though. Have You ever tried extreem biking? And by extreem biking I mean – running fast without breaks on ice or on snow? I have to say, if You are smart enough, You are not going to try it. Well, I managed to avoid hospital or serious injuries, but that‘s what three months of life in Denmark gives You – biking skills. Although feeling like You are not in control of Your two wheels and still running in a fast speed – that is something. But, I‘ve survived that too. The funny thing is – I have breaks for two weeks or so already, but still have not change them [I admit, that is completely my fault].
I‘ve got another `nice` experience today, which I should probably call: `who needs a map? I can find my way on my own`. Turns out – I couldn‘t. I took me 1.5 hours to walk 25 minutes distance. In a cold, freezing wind, I may add. From now on, a map, just as a bottle of water, always find a place in my bag, that‘s for sure.
My bike, however, caught some `bad luck` as well. It‘s not enough I already had to change my inner tube and fix it already [not even talking about the locks, which a magicly stucky sometimes], I got another surprise today – a broken tyre. Just so You know – it‘s not that easy to fix this part. I did it somehow, but not sure for how long I‘m gonna be lucky, so now I‘m expecting for a crash again. But I feel like I am becoming an advanced bike repairer – at least something good, I suppose.
I have done around 25 km bike ride today I‘ve got to tell You – after yesterday‘s killing training, it was a challenge alright. But, I managed to find what I was looking for, even though I had no map with me, so I am more than just proud of myself. I went to IKEA, better known as `paradise where everybody buys everything`. I bought just a little bit.
Oh, and for the first time this winter, I tried what they call `glogg` which is basically mulled/warm wine. Ahh, it tastes so good, especially when it‘s so cold outside. It made me want more. Most probably I am aware of how I am spending my Christmas – some ginger cookies and glogg.
All for now!

16 Dec 2009

..While facing a white miracle around..

It’s been a while since my last entry. But I have to admit – when You are not fond of where You are or what You do – motivation to speak out loud about that for others goes to zero. And still, I’m writing. And yet, I’m still fine, still living, still not liking Denmark so much.
Studies. Since it’s been a while, I had some stuff to do with my university. We already had some so called mid terms, some presentations, paper preparations and exam. If You have any interest in that – I passed. Reached my goal. But the studies here are difficult. Well, not for everyone. There are some Italian personalities, who enjoy themselves so much while making fun of me and my irrational choice for the program I actually chose. So their studies are less terrible, more understandable and less crowded. While some others are enjoying sleeping till noon, partying every second night, elite eighteen reads extremely `interesting` articles, all about capital structure, signaling, costs, dividends and etc. [I have a little hint for pharmacists – it’s the best sleeping pills ever]. Reading would not be the worst part, we actually need to understand them and then go to the oral exam and try to explain the very same thing. Also, instead of just watching a movie in the evening and doing nothing, we are actually almost crying our eyes out with endless regressions and formatting tables, because we kind of need to replicate somebody’s paper. Did I already mention, that it does not work perfectly from the first trial? Almost rhetorical question – but if even best friend almighty http://www.google.com does not know the answer – whom to address the question to? You may ask what the worst part of all of this is. Well, the most difficult and so far completely out of my league exam is still coming up – in January. We’re gonna definitely have a very best January, every single day [and, most probably, night] cuddling with books, that require to be understood. Did I already mention that they mostly have equations and matrixes and not that much of a simple and actually understandable text?
Visiting. We are almost calculating the month from this old event, but I did have some Lithuanian guests coming here. It was only a weekend, four days, but hell we did have fun. I got some Lithuanian smell and taste – it’s amazing how Lithuanian beer tastes so much better when you’re abroad, or how incredibly Lithuanian chocolate tastes, when you are on chocolate-free diet. Well, anyway, despite of all good stuff brought, we did some ordinary things in here – walked around the Copenhagen, visited Christiania [just visiting, not shopping], went to couple of bars, had couple of beers, interesting conversations and then they left. To be honest, if You plan on visiting me, do not expect too much. The only places I can actually show You is: little mermaid [who is basically just a figure of a girl with legs], some of my favorite bars, Nyhavn street, some parks and that is almost it. But also, if You plan on visiting Copenhagen – just be prepared in advanced, there is nothing much to see in here, unfortunately. I don’t really want to drag it, but it’s a bit boring city. Plus, when You have clouds-rain-wind almost 24/7, most of the people are not able to enjoy what’s around.
Christmas and Julefrokost. It is already a clear fact – Danes like to party a lot. Another clear and obvious fact – they find `partying` to be `just drinking and eating[maybe] and then drinking drinking drinking`. The best time – just before the Christmas, when everyone around is organizing a thing Julefrokost [which we would translate into English as: Christmas lunch]. Statistical Dane participates in approximately 10-15 Julefrokost, nice hah? I had been lucky to participate in two of them. Firstly we just combined something that is called `I managed to pass CF exam and get away alive` and Elite Julefrokost. This one was fun. Very much and so much fun. We played some Christmas games, some beer-pong [Valerio and me, we were undefeated!!], had some very nice conversation, I even got to dance!!! After a long and sweet conversation I finally managed to force myself to leave the party and go back home. The second Julefrokost was just after this one. Not sure if it was the expectations or just the impact of this one, but this second one was not good at all. Yes, food was good and we ate it well, but still, being all around the Danes, who does not really fulfill my perfect way of `how to make this party rock`, and since I was the only one like a white crow, I left pretty early. Promised to myself never go to te boring parties again and convinced myself [again] that I am much more of the southern people party kind of the type.
COP15. I am pretty sure that all of You knows much better what it is. So far I just know that it is some kind of a conference about the Kyoto protocol thing. But the city is crazy, millions of people, half of the streets closed, police and helicopters all around. I don‘t even know anything about the protests, but I assume that they are huge, since I hear sirens of the police cars every single evening, non stop. And, when You look at the newspapers or TV, You realise – it is a big big bubble. Hopefully it won‘t exploid with blood. Would not be pleasant at all. And the sad thing, I will never know more about it, since it ends on Friday, at the very same day when we have to hand in our replication paper, before that: regressions, regressions, tables, tables, hausman test, Prais-Winsten stuff and all other pleasant awesome stuff.
Miracles. There are already several strange and attractive things happening around me, that are still in complete confusiness. But one is for real – I even got some greetings about this. I finally attained the fact of the snowing in Copenhagen. It was snowing yesterday [oh, You should have seen my smile and my face and my satisfaction], it was snowing today. The sad part is – it did not stay, but it was still worth it, seeing all those big snowflakes falling heavily from the sky. I managed to start believing in miracles again. If it start snowing, is it possible that all the other good stuff is going to happen I just have to keep on believing? Well, it better.