24 May 2010

Just experienced The Perfect moment last night.

And nothing more to add, I guess.

13 May 2010

.Think of me, wherever You are.

Danish Weather
Denmark keeps on surprising us. It’s not enough that is seems all Europe is having sun and nice weather: Norway is doing barbeques outside, Moscow is enjoying +27 temperature, and we are still stuck with clouds, rain, cold. Well, as for the rain, I do not complain really, I like it, but mid of May with a winter jacket – that’s not normal, is it?

Face control
I was wondering some time ago, what is the system here in Denmark and police department. I so far did not have chance to ask that and clear it out, but there is something odd in here. I’m honestly telling You they must have some kind of strict face-control, so get into the police department. All, but I mean all policemen are really good looking.

Real Italian Pizza!
But life here seems to be more or less in order. I had one very nice night here, last week. Our Party Guru, Mr. Pizza maker, Italian class-mate was teaching me how to make the REAL Italian pizza. Honestly, after that night, I am not eating non Italian pizza [the real one] anymore. Although making it is not that easy thing to do as I was expecting, but it was so great to finally learn how to do it and from the real Italian. Ah. So now, if You want to try the taste of the real thing – You don’t have to go to Italy, You can also ask me to be so nice and make one ;) And I will. I still keep recipe in my head, so in order not to forget it, I have to repeat. Repetition makes is perfect – is that the correct quote?
If that was not enough, the guys managed to also install me the program, I have been trying to find for a week. That was the day of fortune, for sure!

Off Topic.
It kicked me. It’s time. Time to run away. Again. Same reason, all the same, even the “but I can’t” part is the same. The only thing that helps not to freak out – knowing that I will run away. Soon. Well, Hopefully, because it is still being questioned. If not – then the freak show will turn itself on. And trust me – no one wants that.
P.S. I miss You. Do You?