21 Jun 2008

Here I am. This is me.

One day I've learned to talk in lyrics.. I cannot stop it right now. And You ain't helping.

Some things You remember only then it's way too late. Some things You remember that are not worth remember. It's hard to judge objectively and to realise what is what at the very begining.

This memory loss of me is forgivable - it's not "too little too late" situation, it's more "too little to remember" of the case.

Have You ever seen me little? No.. Have You ever seen my family or my first love? No.. Well.. It' gonna be something new to You. Good old memories..

This is where I came from - my mom. Looks almost the same even now - not a lot of things changed. Same eyes, same smile, just a person next to her a little bit bigger [though I can still remember this red sweater I am wearing in a picture]. Damn, if You think good, I will look just like her in a mean time.

Have You ever thought of how much do You get and how lucky You are having mom?

Hey, I want to introduce You to my dad. This is him. Pretty damn old pictures. Pretty damn old times, but so fresh memories... I remember it all.. All those conversations and pictures from the mountains.. Discussions about travelling, hiking in the mountains, fun while studying years..

This is the person, who learned me to stand my ground and fight. Who took me for shooting lessons, who learned me simple self-defence steps.

I have always admired his passion to travelling - I got it from him, I'm sure. And now I am going to Siberia - same train, same roads, same places - it's gonna be for You.

Hey, have You ever thought... how lucky You are to have dad?

Birthdays... My first sugar ever. My first celebration, my first... Well... No words are so necessary I guess?...

This is my very first time talking out loud... about my first love [hope he won't be coming to read and recognise himself]. Interesting...

It seems about 18 years has passed, but I can still remember it all - the smell of the hall, the chocolate on a rough string on my neck, which was killing me, the mood of this picture... The feeling... Ah, it is so great feeling, falling in love.. for the first time...

Have You ever loved? How many great Loves can one person get in his/her life? Or.. do You remember Your first love?

6 Jun 2008

...We are finally introducing ourselves...

"Hi, my name is Steffany Kelly Smith, from New Jersey" - still cannot believe someone actually believed in this.

Here I am - just an ordinary girl, with a bit unordinary mind. And.. with a lot of different personalities in my head.

There are plenty of us and we are all different, therefore all the same: Ona, Steffany Kelly Smith, Mr. Big, Batman, Yellow girl, Noa, Emo, withdrawn Goth, staff, Dissapointed [I will include all the rest as soon as I will manage to remember them all]

What we have in common - passion for love and passion for travelling. We all are always in love [even if only with love itself] and we cannot stay in one place for too long - we feel a need for running away, for getting to new places and meeting new people.

We are amazingly lucky in everything we do - somehow we manage to get into troubles everyday, slip on flat ground and attract, from the first side, looking impossible unexpectedness. But that is what makes it all interesting and unforgetable.

People usually think of me as too self-confident, too strong and someone who needs no one to take care of me. Still... for those people there are still so much to learn. One day - one person - will learn it right.

But here I am - just a simple girl, named Ona - with Steffany's passion to pink, Mr Big's fear to relationship, Batman's coat, Yellow girl's naivety and cheerfulness, Emo label, withdrawn Goth music type, staff passion to accountance and work, Dissapointed's amazingly sweet conversations.

If You want to get to know me better - give me a call, ask me out for a cup of tea with cherry-pie and we can talk... from tonight till tomorrow.