26 Mar 2015

°Is this the end?°

And just like that I went from an Elite failure to an Elite successor. I found a job! Sure, that means I have to postpone Camino de Santiago that I was actually really looking forward to, even if a little insecure about my capabilities of finishing it on my own two feet, but this was one of those offers you just don't want to say no to.

A great company, a good package of benefits, good position with lots of opportunities and space for learning, challenging myself and waiting for a constant change. I managed.

And I am not the only one. My unemployed recently found friend got a job as well. After long winter days, finding a place you can see yourself in, is actually really awarding. A new page, a new perspective, a new opportunity and so here we go, heels included. Definitely.

And I have finally finished with my dental problems. Two teeth extracted, two fixed and I am free of dental chair for the next 6 months! Woohoo. It is, I guess important to mention, that this whole thing in the end cost me twelve hundred Danish krones, which really is just a drop in the ocean comparing to the regular prices of the services in the country. I don't know if I was lucky or just people were willing to help me, but I managed to get a spot in the dental school. And if I ever have a chance, I will return.

Karma, brushed and cleaned, with new shiny shoes, ready to go and spread the joy.

Now it is time to raise the goals for myself:
-Improve my foreign languages skills;
-Improve my computer skills and pick up photography again;
-Challenge myself to the sewing;
-Find a house. And make it a home.

I am afraid, of course, but I think I am growing up.
Is that even possible?

Off Topic

Tonight I want something special. Jelapeno/chicken pasta, cherry pie with mint tea and an endless conversation. I will make it, if you buy the ticket. We'll find a way, won't we?

7 Mar 2015

°You could tell the difference°

Who knew that twix can be a dangerous chocolate bar? And there I was, watching some stupid or good TV show, having an evening dessert before my next long and hopefully promising day and then suddenly - cracking sound, pain in my gums and a big explosion in my head, basically meaning `what the hell?!?!` I looked at it and the view was not comforting at all. Around 1/3 of one of my teeth cracked. Sure, I panicked, and the fact that I have an interview the very next day did not help at all.

I nailed the interview though. I was invited to a second one. And I believe that the second one went great as well. Now we are just playing the waiting game. Tik tak tik tak. Time will pass. Will I?

The tooth story I took down to the dental school - cheaper, you see. They gave me `encouraging` news - my corpsie broken tooth needs o be extracted. Good news was - they are able to do that in the school so it does not cost me a fortune. I had to see that coming. The not so good news is - operation of 2 hours, 5 or so stitches and still uncomfortable feeling after. I cannot wait for it to get back to normal.

Everything else is right now a little on pause. And in the next few days things may change a lot. May change just a little. Or may bring some chaos. The good part of it is, no matter how it is turning, at least I got my pillow.

Wish me luck. And whisper me a little miracle.

Off Topic

I realized something yesterday. You grew up. And you learned to distance yourself, you learned to keep it to yourself. Maybe it is for the best, but I am missing my friend.