15 Mar 2014

°And the story goes°

March started, seems like only a day ago, yet we are already counting the 15th of it.

Time, can we make a deal here please? Stop. No, I am not asking you to stop completely, can't you just go a little slower? Take your time, don't rush, some of us have no capabilities of catching up with you. It's not that much to ask, now is it?

My March started with what was supposed to be as a hopeful new agenda. I signed up for gym. I sat there at home one day and realized - I need something to make me more active and happier. It was a long shot, of course, but I figured you cannot go wrong with sport.
I am not sure just yet how good or better my life became after that, but I am definitely not going to give up just yet. It still takes my energy so far, but this is just the very beginning and soon I am hoping for an energy inflow rather then outflow.
And a nicer, fitter body for the summer is just a nice additive, right?

Other than that, in the recent days, I only managed to visit Lithuania. And even though it was a short and quite tiring visit, it was a good one too. I started with landing in Riga, taking a bus to Klaipeda, meeting Diana for the first time in maybe 3 years, talking most of the things over, then managing to walk to the center of the city, finding my friend's place and waiting for him to arrive.
He got back home after a long day and since we still had lots of time to kill before the concert, he suggested we open a bottle of wine. Soon enough the bottle reached it's bottom, we started cooking some food, opened up the second bottle and talked about what was happening in our lives.
Once in the concert, we had to wait for our other friends, being all fashionable and late. The concert itself was a nice cover of Depeche Mode, and even though I am not a big fan of them, it was fun being there and taking pictures, talking to my friends and enjoying being back in my home land.
After the concert we got to another bar, had a beer, finally decided that it is getting really late and went to sleep. We were all crashing my friend's who is the only one living on the coast place, so he was forced to go sleep at his friend. Such nice friends I have.
Next day we got to Nida, where magic happens. Or at least you always hope for it. Everyone in our group is crazy enough and usually disturbed enough one way or the other, that sea wind, going through your hair and your head is sometimes exactly what you need. And we did. We spent a few hours at the seaside, sharing sparkling wine, playing with kite, taking pictures and walking along the sea. All hoping for one or another miracle to happen.
And we finished the whole experience with some wine warm at home on the sofa. The next morning I left everyone still deep asleep and went for the bus - my mom was waiting for me back in Kaunas.

All went better than expected. I managed to get to bus, then to a boat, then to an earlier bus to Kaunas, be dropped off closer to my mom's than station and by the 1p.m. I was already congratulating my mom with international woman's day.
My sister came too, we had dinner, we talked, we walked, we went to the city, we played board games, we joked and we made decisions.
But soon enough Tuesday came and me and my sister took a train [not a midnight train] to the capital.

There I met Simona, we went for a beer and fried bread as a cake for her soon upcoming birthday. I got her a present, little did I know she had one for me as well. Sadly I was already running out of time, so our meeting was short and I rushed to meet Ieva and Jurga for our good old tradition - beer and kebab.
Before we knew it was already rather late and we had to hit pillows. The next day I got to the shops to buy all the good stuff you cannot find in Denmark, met with my sister, had a quick coffee and lunch/snack/something and got dropped off at the airport.

And there my visit was over.

1.5 hours later I was already back in Copenhagen.
And life seemed to be in order.
Although I still cannot get back to my normal routine of sleep. I hope it will recover soon.

Off Topic
Just as I predicted. Some things just never change. And I rarely am wrong about it.
Some chaos came back, of course. But not the storm. I learned to let go and I did.
Now I am learning to feel again.
Don't hold my hand. I need this storm to pass me alone.
And then I'll get out stronger.