28 Jun 2015

°One of these days°

Oh boy do I want to say so much today. And I know that nobody will really listen or are very interested in my `beliefs`, but I still want to say it out loud. Or to type it all out very very loud.

Shall we start with the most obvious piece?

I hate stupid people
And no, I do not consider myself a genius, a brain guru or any other brain-full person. And I don't go around telling how people are stupid. I just sometimes cannot get my grip, because some of those things they say or do are just... incredibly stupid.
Like, for example, why would you disturb another person's time and ask him/her a question, then completely ignore what they are saying, start arguing that it is not done that way and interrupt them mid-sentence? That is not just stupid, but also plain rude. And if you feel like you know-it-all-so-better, why ask? Let people enjoy their time without getting asked and then be not heard.
Or, I guess even a better example - a facebook status about how great is weed, how good it is, because it is proven that is slows cancer growth and that the world that is not accepting weed is sickening. Well congratulations, my dear sir, you just idiotized yourself (I know it's not the word). I understand the point of view in general - weed should be legalized. I may not agree with it, but I can accept it to some point: we all choose our own poison, yours just might be weed. And yes, weed can be useful for you in one way or the other, but it also does quite a bit of harm if used too much. People who in their circle have at least one stoner, who smokes everyday, several times a day, knows what I am talking about. Weed is not some ultimate best-thing-on-earth piece of miracle and the world without it is not sickening, just weed-free.

Religion and double standards.
Now that is some sensitive topic that is better to avoid if possible. Unfortunately, sometimes it is not. The conversation goes more or less like this:
Opponent: I don't understand why those people get confirmations. It's not like they believe. This is just stupid.
Me: How often do you go to church? And is your husband religious?
O: I visit church once in a blue moon, I'm not really religious, and my husband is not religious at all.
M: So why on earth would you baptize your kids?
O: Well, just in case.
M: In case what??..
O: In case there is a god and they die, so they don't end up in hell.

Please tell me I am not the only one seeing a double standard here. Other non-believers are stupid for having confirmation ceremony, but I am very smart and rational for baptizing my kids even if I am not really a believer. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against religious people, I just think you should really stick to a side - you either believe or you don't, and none of this `just in case there is an almighty dude on the clouds, I will baptize my kids`

And then the conversation continues:
O: No fat old guy will tell me how to live my life.
M: And yet.. you let one marry you.

Now this part is just ridiculous, don't you think? I don't respect priest as a profession man, but I will insist on him marrying me to another human being til the day I die. Bravo, that just makes all whole bunch of sense.

Off Topic

Home is almost done. Summer is almost planned. Life is getting on an adult track. Feels good, even if weird. Cannot help but feel something is missing. I just cannot put my finger on it yet. Not yet at least.

At least I found the sounds that I don't seem to be able to stop listening to. And why did I not buy the tickets when I have the chance?