27 Apr 2013

°Revealing the sweet chili trick°

It seemed that I only just got back from Geneva and from the airport, when I found myself in the same Kaastrup airport only two days later. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the famous staff trip, better known as: drink as much as you can, act as stupid as you can imagine, do plenty of crazy things at the same time and regret everything the next day was about to be happening. Even though a lot of people were guessing right and it wasn’t that big of a surprise anymore – once at the airport we got the message – we are going to Berlin.

Started at the airport in an Irish pub with a few beers we got to the plane and soon enough got off in the capital of Germany. One kind of short train ride away we got to the city center where we had booked hotel and checked ourselves in. Of course before and after the check-in procedure there were beers. Once all of us had their time to get into the room and leave the packed goods we went for dinner. While food took forever to be prepared, we had a few drinks and a few talks. Once everyone was happily eaten, slightly tipsy, happy and excited, we moved towards the real partying.

Now here I may disappoint you by telling you that I went straight to the hotel after dinner. So I did not participate in heavy drinking, visiting strip clubs, night clubs and partying till 6 o’clock in the morning. I fell asleep almost as soon as my head touched the pillow. And to be completely fair – I did want to party, that was the point of the trip. But I do not regret I went to sleep. My insomnia was killing me and I definitely needed some sleep. Besides from the stories I heard [and no, I am not telling them out loud] – I am kind of happy I wasn’t around. It would have been fun to watch, of course, but maybe I am too old for this already. It’s just not my scene. Maybe it never was.

So anyways, I woke up in the morning kind of fresh and ready to explore the city. Not my first time, but the sun was shining, perfect weather and the city is nice. We started the 4 of us. We went to the East side gallery and walked along all those paintings. Funny how I managed to take pictures of almost the same was as I did almost 3 years [or was it 2?] ago.

After that, two of my companions went back to the hotel and it was just the two of us, exploring the city. So we started with the famous gate [I guess I will die without managing to remember it’s name], Reich building, holocaust monument, which for some reason I really enjoy a lot. 

We went down to the Charlie’s check point, found a few interesting things on our way back to the park. We even got on top of the Angel and saw the city from up there. Very long walk it was, but we managed to see almost all and we even caught up with all the rest of our group at the train station.

Once back in the city I had a pleasure of working, so all tired I headed straight there and it was a busy night with a lot of mean people and since my patience was low, it was a bit difficult night.

But we survived it. I mean, we did not exactly have a choice, did we?

After that it was just work and school. School and work. I am still trying to make my school to make me a letter containing of 2 sentences, but apparently it’s too much to ask. It’s never going to get easier, is it?

Off Topic

Unbelievable. I don’t know if that was just a coincidence, or a real reason, but finally my heart caught up with my head. I cannot believe it actually took so long but it seems like at last sun managed to get through those clouds and shine a little.

Such a pathetic fool you are. You and me, we both are, sister.  

Tick-tock-tick-tock. Don’t forget to check the time.

I have decided to allow myself one last mistake. Or maybe lesson. Memory? Whatever we call it, I have decided, I deserve this. And no one is going to take that away from me.

P.S. After the whole day of trying to understand ONE article with only ONE model, I remembered what it feels like to be Elite again. Never ever in my life have I felt so stupid. Maybe I will never learn. Or will I?

It struck me today. It could have easily been us, you know? And now we'll never know.

Happiness. Such a weird sense of humour that chick's got.

16 Apr 2013

°Collapsing determination°

It’s mid April already and I am not even a little closer to being wiser than that I was two full weeks ago. It would be funny if it wasn’t only sad.

I am in the urgent need of a big change. The clock is ticking and the Madness is knocking on the door. Talking about Madness – it’s only 1.5 months left till the actual Madness is going to reach my ears. That is going to be legendary [no, not a Barney’s kind of legen…wait for it…dary].

Except for working and in a weird way getting involved in a foreign drama, not much else was brought by a second month of Spring. Well, snow as well. It’s all gone, of course now, but still it was snowing. In Copenhagen, in mid April. You do remember what that means right? You still do love me after all.

I finished my thesis related book that I have been reading, I finished another book I have just been reading, shopped on-line, shopped some more. I have been…. being.

Anyways, the exciting things started happening last week. After making a surprise appearance for a friend after the holidays with the favourite beer I had not so much more time, but back my own bag and go for my own small vacation. I caught a flight on Friday and found myself on the way to Geneva, Switzerland.

It was perfect. Nothing to be added, nothing to be taken out. Simply perfect. Well, maybe I would have preferred it to be longer, but on the other hand, I was a guest, and we all know they start stinking after 3 days, just like a fish.

Anyways, I got there on time, my friend picked me up from the airport and we got back to their place through the rain and the streets of Geneva. A little walk around the city, that big lake and huge fountain which you sometimes can see in the movies and we ended up in this cozy hippie sort of looking place for fondue. White wine, cheese fondue with great fresh bread and two great friends I haven’t seen since Christmas and even then only for like 30 minutes It was a great night. We were having a lot of fun there, then walked a little around night Geneva, went back to their home, had a little champagne [yeah, fancy time with fancy people] and finally hit the pillows.

The next day was a really productive one. One of my friends had to work a little so we made a little round around Geneva. Let me see if I can recall all we have seen..

We started with United nations building and that big famous chair as a sculpture.

We moved down the road from it to Botanic garden and then the garden of United nations [I think]. We found violets on a way, sun all the way, a few cactus and other exotic plants. We sat in a little cozy coffee place for a little beer and a little break. We took a bus-boat and got to the other side of the lake. We walked along the lake, enjoyed the sun and perfect weather. We got closed to the fountain, ran under it [I was told it’s a must do thing before you can tell you have been to Geneva]. We got very wet, our jeans were soaked and our hair looked a little like just after shower.

A little walk around the other sides of the city, chess game and we got back home.

After a little break my friends took their car and we went for a hill [no name, I forgot it the minute I was told]. It’s already in France, but as long as you live in Geneva, you go there a lot. It’s a little higher then all the rest around, so you get to see all the nice panoramic view of the other smaller mountains on the other side of Geneva, the city itself. It was great, we went up, we went for a walk, we took some pictures.

We finished the day with two hours of relaxation in some Spa/pool kind of a thing. After the whole thing we got back to the city, my friends took out the home-friendly grill and we had a wonderful dinner with even more wonderful wine and the most wonderful friends you could ever get. We finished the night with watching `The planet earth` BBC TV series [very highly recommended by the way, I am already planning on getting and watching it myself], one of the episodes.

The next morning we had an early wake up. The plan was to get me to the Mont Blanc [If I am not mistaken that is the second tallest mountain in Europe] and since it’s a little further away from Geneva, we had to get there early. And before that we had to go and get some fancy seafood breakfast, once again, in France [but only 10 kilometers away]. It was a little cozy weekend market there, where you buy very [and I mean] very fresh thing and then you just eat it outside at the little table next to a river. It’s like to die for breakfast place. And breakfast, for that matter.

Once we got to Chamonix [at least one name of the town I remember] we went to some place which, according to my friends, have the best croissants in the whole world [they are really good] and then went for a cable car to get up. You don’t get all the way to those 48.. something meters, but you get as high as 3846 [I think]. More or less at least, anyways. What is up there is: snow, lots of snow, lots of tourists and people to see the big mountain. It was a really perfect day for such an adventure, since there was a total of zero clouds in the sky, sun in full shining. On top of that it wasn’t even too cold. So we spent some time up there, taking pictures, watching the mountains, endless Alps. They opened a little alpinism museum there, where you can see those videos of people climbing rocks and doing some extreme things up in the mountains. I have to say, those things made my feet itchy. It’s like adrenalin fills your veins and you want that excitement, but on the other hand it’s so scary that it’s almost breath taking.

At the end we got down, walked a little in that little skiing town and head back to the city. For a fancy Sunday dinner we had Ratatouille, then one last walk around night Geneva and afterwards we went to sleep. My friends had to be working the next day and I already had to get back to Copenhagen.

So in the morning after I packed again and my friends left for work, I had my last walk around the city, went to the huge chocolate shop and bought myself some sweet brown lovely reward for being so awesome, got to the airport and had to get to the airplane and back `home`.

And back home it’s all the usual – ups and downs and a little chaos. Can’t say I missed that. No one else to blame, just me, I’m afraid.