11 Sep 2009

..From my own room with its' own doors..

I got back `home` to Copenhagen after a weekend in Lithuania, in the wedding basically. I managed to do some more stuff, while I was around, but after all this strict schedule I was flying back. It is a bit of a strange feeling, because I was waiting for my plane and actually thinking `So, I’m going home`, even though I’ve stayed here for not so long time and even not in my own room, but just crashing some people and sleeping on t heir floor. I guess it will be home for me after all.
So this time getting into the plane was much easier and much less problems I faced. A nice blond girl this time did not ask me to make my luggage emptier [ok, it might have something to do with a fact that it was not overloaded, but still], she also took my bike, so I could discover Copenhagen on two wheels. And then finally after saying `bye` to the people who were taking me to the airport, I was left there alone, reading a book and listening to the Foo Fighters again and again and again.
So I got back. To the same place, that I was still being generously housted by amazingly kind lithuanians. It was Monday, better known as `First basketball game in European Championship`. I managed to watch it `more or less`, because on-line games never really works for me and went to sleep. It was necessary to be awake the next day, because it was a big day – Ona was supposed to be moving to a new place, she will be living. Yes, I finally got my own room and it has doors, so I can close it and feel totally alon [not lonely, alone, which I like].
First part of the day I was doing what I kinda hate – packing, putting stuff together, packing some more and having this feeling that I am going to miss it all: people I’ve been living together with, all those conversations, laughing. Even the place. So the time to go came soon – I left. I got to my new place to live a bit earlier, but I thought it is not big of the deal. Turns out – it was. I tried to get into the flat, but there was no answer. After 5 min I started to be paranoid – what if she fooled me, what if I do not have my own place after all, what if I have to go back and disturb those people for longer time. But, after a while, Tine got back home, so I‘ve got my own room, I‘ve got a key, I‘ve got doors, I‘ve got my place. I needed to celebrate, but it was not as successful as I wished. I went to see basketball game that was lost, so I left and got back home, to my room.
Next day I was enjoying my time – everything was pretty much perfect – I finally have my own place and my own bike, making circles around my neighborhood, ending evening with Lithuania‘s winning. The less perfect part become after it, when I was trying to get back home. It isn‘t enough I‘ve got my bike‘s tyre flat, but I almost killed myself. Twice. First of all, because I did not realised that my tyre is flat, I pushed my breaks too much, so I fell of the bike. It was pretty much `ok`, till crazy taxi driver was going right into me – so I had to turn too fast and because I couldn‘t I fell of my bike again.
I managed finally to get back home, feeling some pain on my palms, on my albows and on my legs, still wishing that my tyre is going to be fine wenn I fill it with air. Turnes out in the morning – it‘s still bad, still empty. So I walked too early out of my place, I bought the inner tube for my tyre [still hoping that the problem is in the inner tube, but wasn‘t sure yet], changed it and wuolia- so far so good, it is still filled with air with I can still use it.
After the lectures and a meeting with J.P.Morgan company, I went to meet my ex roommate, because she was taking me to my first kick-boxing class. Even though now all of my body hurts, I can hardly squeeze anything, my legs hurts [whey are also bruised, but that is from `almost accidents` with the bike], it was so fascinating, it reminds me the fun Iused to have in the boxing. And yes, of course, there were moments, when I thought I‘m gonna die, but it was worth it. Didn‘t feel that much alive [and tired as well] for a long long time.
Off Topic No 1. Prices around here. To be honest – prices in Denmark do not shock me that much. But of course, I lived in Norway, which is supposed to be even more expensive country then Denmark. But going shopping still is a bit strange. First of all – You go to a food store, but You have to be careful, and not to pick up the expensive one. So, for example, in Denmark, You stay away from `Irma` and `Super smth [I forgot the name]`, and You like `Netto` and `Fakta`. When You go to the shop, You have to be careful as well, because You may find same looking thing for a totally different prices. You can buy bread for 25 DKK and You can find same one [or looking just the same] for 6 DKK. But as for the rest of the stuff, it is not that bad, You can find pretty cheap furniture, but bikes are awfully expensive [at least for me]. Having a cell phone is dumbly expensive, it is better not to chat that much. Books is the only unbelievably expensive thing in this country, even Norwegians agree with me. I have just bought the most expensive book, I have ever bought [And I was buying books in Norway – not that expensive].
OffTopic. No2. Transportation. Bike is a mandatory thing in this country. If You have no bike, You are lost. Everything is being easily reached by metros or subways, but it is expensive, so bike cannot even be compared. And there is all these nice things, made for the bikes – You know, bike roads, traffic lights. And people are actually taking that into the consideration – cars stop and let You go [that would never happen in Lithuania. At least didn’t happen when I was riding a bike there]. You do not really need a pump, because every bike store has one, which fills Your tires with air very fast. And You can repair it pretty easy as well, it just costs kinda a lot. I don’t know how much yet, since so far I managed to do it myself, but people talk it is expensive.

3 Sep 2009

..When the school starts..

I have to say, I’m living a total student life here in Copenhagen. And I do enjoy it, for sure. Strange, how only in two years I almost forgot how much it is. New people to meet, new not understandable things to study, crazy things to do [ok, I admit, I did not stop making these even when I was working].
Saturday night was supposed to be an easy one. I started it very simple – just went to my new place to work and check the schedule, but I met the owner and some people that I met here in March, so we started talking. This lasted for couple hours, including some football on TVs. Then finally I left the place and went to meet my roommate, with whom I was supposed to be going home. That did not worked exactly like that so I stayed with another roommate at his working place. I started talking about different things with someone and didn’t realize when it was time for them to close. Just before the closing I’ve learned Danish way of drinking `Sambuca` [Yes, we definitely have to do it when we meet – it’s awesome] and helped closing the pub. Finally, when we got back home we did not feel like sleeping, so we were just talking and talking, but when sun went out to say `good-morning` we figured out, it is time to say `good-night`.
We figured out, that we should have an easy Sunday night, since everybody is heading for work/studies next day. So we were having a fabulous apple pie with tea or milk and a good movie. It was called `The Bucket list` - and I do recommend it to everyone – exciting movie, not too hard and for some – very useful to see and understand, like there is `nothing impossible`.
Monday was the big day – ordinary lectures started. I have to say – it’s not that different from what I have expected, but still a lot of work to do. For the first lectures – it was ok. As for the second one [it is called micro econometrics – anybody remembers that?]. I’ve got lost somewhere in the middle of the lecture, when my head was too full to manage information, so my heads went just writing down what’s on the black board. I have to admit – haven’t felt such an idiot since my training course when I just started working and didn’t understand a thing. So this is similar, ignoring the fact that I will actually have to have an oral exam on this thing. I need a miracle.. Or..a person, who actually understands this and would be willing to help me in understanding this study field. Well, maybe I will become smarter in couple on months.
A relieve for that day was a concert, I went to in the evening. If any of You are aware of the name, the band was called `Electric Wizards`, and one before, I do not remember the name, but enjoyed much more. Concert was in Christian-town, depends on how good You know Copenhagen, but this part of it is the `open` one. Well, too hard to explain, You simply just have to see it. So I was walking there around with two guys [believe me, I was happy I was not alone or with some girls, I kind of felt unsecure. For the one who no me pretty good – that usually never happens to me], watching strange [or maybe just unordinary] people coming and leaving, finally just listening to some rock sounds.
As for Tuesday – I’ve had a very interesting lecture. The teacher was unbelievable – so much into the field he is teaching and so alive while explaining from first sight boring things, that it even became interesting to me. Although I have also to say, that now I regret I did not study Algebra, Statistics and other things in bachelors that much [cause I was sure I will NEVER need them again], because now it would be such an easy thing, if I could remember all the equations and stuff. Well, I certainly have to become smarter soon, or I will fail.
For the free period on Wednesday, I didn’t go to study, as I should have, but I went to explore Copenhagen I haven’t yet. My first spot was the beach. Pretty cloudy and windy day, but I had fun, just walking around, feeling the sand, touching the water, making some pictures, enjoying the silence. Some of my class mates were supposed to come as well, but finally [or not finally] they decided to skip the beach [probably due to a cloudiness and possible rain], so I stayed alone. Afterwards I was walking around Copenhagen city center and then met some class mates for a chat. It was nice sitting near the water, talking about travelling, favorite cities in the world, possibilities, future and near plans. Finally we ended up watching `Over The Hedge` at home with a roommate. Ah.. It was great. It reminded me of the course, two years ago, in Zagreb, where we had so much fun [Elisabeth, do You remember when we were trying to remember the name of the squirrel and finally went on calling Mislav `Hemmy`? Strange that after so long time exactly yesterday we had a little chat].
So Thursday was a day of a little bit of the classes. Seems that I will survive in these ones – maybe it is not `peace of cake`, but at least understandable and I do manage to follow. And now I’m just having an easy night, checking how is going on for Lithuanian basketball team to play their last friendly match with Spanish, packing a little bit for my short trip to the wedding and clearing out my mind. I also copied almost all seasons of `The Friends` and I am now very much into watching them [it is almost as exciting and hooking up as `Sex and The City` have been].
Ahh.. The basketball have just ended, with the victory of Lithuanians. I’ve got much more enthusiasm and motivation of going to Poland and watching them for real, on the floor, screaming and shouting and experiencing all the victories by myself. But..all this in here in a couple of weeks.