30 Jan 2010

..What comes around. Goes around..


And so it‘s over. My first semester here in CBS. I am finally done with my exams. It did not went in the perfect way, but oh well, what can You do. I managed to get into a serious trouble with my luck [still strugling with thoughts where and when], in two of the exams [out of four, try calculating probabilities] I managed to draw the worst questions [seriously, completely worst ones]. And yet, I managed to pass. I did not get best grades, I am not that advanced as my studies, appearently, but what the hell, I may not be a genius in my studies, but at least I have a life.
We are now having full two days of holidays before the second semester kicks in. Sadly, because most of students here [or anywhere, I suppose] have a least a month. But, they probably figured out, since we are `advanced Elite`, we don‘t need any breaks. Our brains are supposed to scream for more and more hardcore stuff to study.

Working in a bar
Sometime ago I said, I always wanted to try working in a bar. And I did. Couple of days, it was fun, it was great and I never thought I’m going back there again. Turns out, I was wrong. I did come back. Same place, same bar, some of same people, most new ones.
Although I cannot say I am very much thrilled with the job itself [dealing with drunk people, who want to drink more is not the dream job, really], but I kind of like it in one or another way. The best part – no doubts – the staff. They really are amazing people, all so nice and helpful; they can be considered to be the reason not to quit.
I am mostly enjoying that nice, awesome, fascinating British accent that I just adore listening to. I secretly hoping that this accent, sooner or later will kick in as well, and I will finally get rid of `oh, You have such a nice American accent` and move to the much better one [in my opinion].
The dark side of the work like that is that Your day kind of moves, cause You work when normal people sleep and You go to sleep when people are actually waking up. It messes all up in Your head. So far I did not get used to that, but I’m optimistic, I’m sure it will change. I mean – a lot of people manage to do that – how am I different. Also, when You usually work on Friday-Saturday nights, when all of Your friends are partying, it’s a bit depressing, cause You can’t join them, but then again, You can always party on Mondays.

Working in a Danish company
Yes, I’m doing that as well. Not too fancy, just a simple student job, connecting with accounting [this is one of my skills]. It’s kind of the best place to work in, really. People are so amazing, that I can hardly find words.
It’s strange how You live in a country and have this picture of people being completely Scandinavian, cold and keeping distance from others [and face it in reality], but when come to work and those people are so warm and so nice to You, that You have simply to change Your opinion about nation again.

Snow and more snow
It’s amazing. In a country [or city] where everybody tells me not to expect for snow, at least not for a lot, a day just before my birthday it starts snowing. And it did not stop at there. Somebody up there must really hate me [with giving worst questions in exams] and really love me [with giving one of the best gifts – snow – for the birthday]. I am still in a progress of making a snowman, but hopefully I will do it tonight.
Biking on the ice is a bad thing. But biking on a lot of snow is so much worse. It’s like going with a car – You know You can’t control it, hitting breaks may make the situation even worse, wheel is not listening to You and all You can think about is `will I fall or won’t I`? And I did. Only once, so far, but snow is still all around us.

6 Jan 2010

..Are we Humans?..

Christmas was followed by News Years, some crazy days and invasion of the greeks. Now it's all over and my life went back to the same.

Christmas eve was nice. Totally different from what I was used to. We started early, had some nice dinner, some presents games, followed by some drinks and ended up pretty no too late. Christmas, both days, I have to add, ended up working. So, basically everything completely different from what I was used for. But, in one weird case, I kind of like it. Not ordinary, even if not perfect, still not the worst case scenario.

My New Years were `amazing`. It's not enough I managed to loose people I was planning on meeting New Years with, could not meet other ones I was planning to meet - my friend's camera was stolen, so I ended up having this `twelwe o'clock` moment missing all the fireworks and everything else, feeling nothing like the change of the year.

Despite that fact, we managed to still have some fun in my favorite place in Copenhagen, although some drunk strange personalities were acting strange and tried to hold a conversation. The next day me and my friend were even called being `trouble makers` and this is only because some irish did not want to leave us alone. Oh well, what can You do.

Lack of sleep was my friend since Christmas. And my friend's leaving day was the same day as the begining of greek invasion - I had three friends visiting Copenhagen for couple of days. We had two nighs out. One was pretty easy and ok, the next one - we managed to have some more `excitement`. We ended up in to all students here known `The Moose`, where we had a little chat with strange guys. One happened to have 41 piercing all over his body, while another one claimed to be living from what he steals [nice ah? I honestly think he was just drunk and lied]. So anyway, that would not even be a problem, if at the end when my friends wanted a picture with `new danish friends`, the pierced guy would not take all he has inside his pants out for the picture. Seriously, I did not expect that from anyone, especially from norwegian [who he claimed to be], so I am still in a little shock and I now expect anything from anyone in here. These people are unpredictable.

For now, when everything is over, I am back to my schedule: job, another job, promises to start studying `tomorrow`, but panicking already now. Oh, and still enjoying lithuanian chocolate [not much left of it, though]. Oh, and I also have some home made greek liquer, which is verrry tasty - so in case You want to try it too [and I tell You, it's good, You can believe me], let me know, we can figure something out.