6 Mar 2010

.To France.

No, I am not going to France. I would love to, though. Maybe another time. Some time later. To walk in the busy streets of Paris, enjoy lying on the grass next to the Eiffel giant.. Well, one day.

I still keep on continuing living in Denmark, Copenhagen. Seems like spring finally kicked in already: sun is shining every single day (despite that it's still freezing, but when You look from Your window, seems like it's five minutes to summer). I am stuck at home today with the endless articles and some researches on-line, but tomorrow, if it's still as awesome as now, I am taking my camera for a walk. Consider that a promise.

Nothing much really happened here, despite of the change of the weather. But people (and this time, by people I mean mainly danes) does not stop surprising me.
They really are used to have all those equal rights and leave almost it all for the girls. What they do, if they like You: look at You (stare I may add), smile and wait for You (!) to come to them. If You don't, they may give You(!) their phone number, but never asks for Yours. And seems like it really works with a girls. They like being in charge and they like the power in this case.
Although I noticed this one small detail - it does not really matter how equal they are and how much girls enjoy bossing guys around, the main rule remains here as well, anyways. Girls are still coming to the bars, take some drinks and hope for some guy to pay for those. And, if they are lucky enough to find drunk enough guy - they achieve their goal. So, we are not that different all over after all.

Can they see themselves?
I had an interesting experience, while one guy was making a presentation about his exchange semester in South Korea. If being completely objective - that guy looked like a geek. But I mean, seriously, complete geek, just like the one from "Revenge of the nerds", same style glasses, unbelievable haircut, clothes and etc. And then he points: "Oh those koreans. Complete geeks" I wanted to ask when was the last time he looked at the mirror, but decided to keep it to myself. Then he keeps on going: "Koreans drink a lot". This just made me laugh. Like dane can blame anyone for drinking a lot. They are drinking heavily every weekend (at least) and still point to others. For example, from my personal experience: two guys are coming to a bar on Thursday after work (they still have to go to work next day). So they each drink 6 pints of beer and leave. Consider this normal? It is for danes.

Friday off for a change.
This one I had yesterday. Ah, it's so great, after packed and busy schedule You start appretiating free time so much more (I should be studying that time, but it's impossible to force it). So yesterday we went to see "Invictus" in the cinema and for a couple of beers afterwards. It was fun night, even though we were only four of us, we enjoyed the movie, Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon acting in amazing place like South Africa, some great conversations and laughs. Walking on a memory paths in Paris and Lisbon and making crazy future plans. Not sure if I can be confident about this, but I damn want to: "Greenland - here we come". Or, at least, we'll try. We'll see how it goes.

Those are becoming more and more miserable. We may became a bit picky, but it all seems so foggy, unclear, no obvious perspectives or goals. It all somehow is not completely understandable - what are we doing, why and what are the possible outcomes from it.

Hopefully it will change soon. If no, we're gonna have to change the approach to it.

Off topic.
I'm happy. Strange, how sometimes only expressing Yourself out loud and daring to face Your fear makes You so no more fragile and strong and confident. I might create unnecessary problems in my head and live them over and over again, but as long as I do one thing that scares me everyday, I'm still living. And I enjoy living.

It's hard for me to understand, why people keep on being silent? I mean, I'm a big girl, just tell me the truth, I can handle it. And even though I am psycho (which I admit), I ain't planning on acting as one. I like sharing my psycho part only on the very special occasions. And now - I'm saving it. Saving for the times, I want to scream about, how much I am waiting for, but it's too soon.

It does matter, of course. But every minute of silence is silently and softly killing it. After living some time (wow, it's quarter of century already) You learn at least one lesson, world gives You: Time is a powerful gun or shield. It can make the impossible.

Still keep on listening 3 doors down - here without You.mp3 song. In Youtube, still did not installed torrents so download it. And still keep on dreaming these too strange dreams, that make me calm during the dream, but confused after I woke up.

And once again, I so much learned that my sixth sence was so right. When will I learn to trust it?