10 Jan 2016

°It's always darkest before the dawn°

Just like a clockwork, that time has come again. And I don't know anymore if I am lying to the world or to myself. Or maybe both.

News Years, new days, new opportunities and all I want is to go down that same path. To the end of the world. To the casino. I'm not exactly empty handed, but I don't know what to take out of my camouflaged pocket. What to bet on and what to bet.

The world shatters just as the ball is slowing down and I am not longer at the end of the world. And I will never find out if I win or lose.

It maybe doesn't matter. Maybe it never did. The house always wins. The end of the world always has the last word.

I don't think I'm happy.

Bring back my Christmas, please. Please?

When will we be done doing this, world? A deal after deal after deal after deal. And yet again we are here again. I don't want to make any deals anymore. I just want to shake it out.

°It doesn't matter if you believe in ghosts or not. If they come, they come°