8 Jun 2010

Ok, world, so it's 0:2 now. You win. Again. Is it just so exiting for You?

I'll take this challenge (as long as You are not going to take advantage of it getting back to me on the worst timing of all). I admit, I have no choice, but I still keep on wondering - why?

Is this a revenge? Then I wanna know the reason. It's can't be just for fun, again, can it? Where did I go wrong this time? Haven't cheated on the poker table for too long to remember even..

I just wanted it to be over. Seems, You wanted something else. Oh well, it's Your playground, You hold the guns, You set the rules. I'm just a follower.

Too bad.

4 Jun 2010

Is it summer?

I have just realised today - it's summer. Not that it's calendar summer for four days, but that it's really summer already - and it's time to put winter clothes away and take out the summer ones.

I guess, I'm gonna need to go shopping. In a week and a half, maybe? ;)

Off Topic:
Ok, world, so now it's 0:1. You win. Still can't understand why You took this away from me, but that's Your choice, it's fine, I accept it. As long as You don't take all the rest - I think I'll manage not to cry a river.

But damn. Why?

1 Jun 2010

Once again. The same. Again the same. Not sure if I want to cry or laugh. Nothing seems to be easy.

Once I was told: "You're gonna make it work. I trust You somehow. There is strength in Your words". Now I just need a confirmation it is true.

Is it?

No one is to blame
As natural as the rain that falls

I need You to hold my hand. Yes, You, the person, who does not ever considers to be significant.

I'm gonna be ok. Are You?