15 Dec 2013

°Can you love me again?°

In the past 45 days, sadly enough, not much different happened. I start to feel like I am trapped in my own weird net and cannot get out. Cannot or will not – I have not decided which one is the real one. Probably the second one, since, as we all know, everything is possible. Not that we always try hard enough for that.

I can sum up those past days in a few events: Imagine dragons concert, Thanks giving dinner [preparation and participation], Placebo concert, planning my first so far [hopefully] trip to the Middle East, visit from a friend, climbing the tower of the Christianhavn church, crossing a few names from my friends list, working and pretending to be trying to work on my thesis.

Did I forget something?

I finally got an answer from my old crashed hdd. No pictures. No more pictures to remind me of all those things I have done and felt very, very much alive. I managed to gather some of the pictures from my friends, who responded to my messages in almost no time. Made me smile and feel happy. It’s a good feeling when you realize that you still actually have friends. Who will help you in bad and good. Who will hold your hand when all you want is to run away.

Not all of them of course. Some of them will just ditch you in the middle of the night in a overcrowded pub with some stranger you just met, right after they tell you that you really have to come and that’s what friends do.

One chance. You always get only one chance to f**k it up. Well, some people already used theirs. How are you holding on?

I learned my lesson once again – don’t get too attached, don’t get too close, don’t get too involved.

Christmas is coming and I don’t feel it. Yes, true, I decided to cancel Christmas this year, pack a back-pack and go on the road. Just like that. Just me and Steffany [if she promises not to pack too many high-heels]. But there is still no snow [here, paradoxically there is snow in the place where I am going, even though it usually does not snow there], so there is still no Christmas. And not even Christmas spirit.

Does that mean I am getting old?

Off Topic

Still got it. Still doing it. Still.