7 Jul 2014

°Flying Trapeze°

For the last week I have became a chef. Funny even to me a bit, but it was an easy way of reassuring myself I will have enough money to pay for my rent and my food, so why not, right?

It went surprisingly well. We [since we were two of us there with no previous cheffing experience] were constantly complimented on how good and fast we were working and that if we looked for that kind of a job, we can find it easily. Maybe it's time to reconsider of what I want to do in life?? ;)

I had also a pleasure of `running` a kitchen for two evenings. I say that, because technically it was true, while on a practical level... I was left alone, had o set up and clean up a buffet for people to eat. No one else was there, just me and the food. And I managed. From what I've heard, I managed good too.

And Friday was the last shift for the time being. Of course there probably will be more, but for now, that part is over. Bring it on, thesis! All the attention is now to you. Wish me luck. No, wish me a miracle.

I had a friend over for a weekend. Which amounted to some nice conversations, a few drinks, not too many, some decent amount of sleep every night and walks in the cemeteries or parks. We had a very relaxing and slow going, but very much needed weekend.

And now it's the new week. Surely I had big plans for my Monday. However I slept for 12 hours straight, woke up late enough, had some breakfast, went to the post office to pick up my package, went to the shop, installed word on my new computer [first step towards my thesis being done on this computer] and I consider that it was a long enough day and I deserve a break. Maybe another 12 hour sleep night. And then tomorrow. We are going to try and rock the science world.

You don't need to follow me there. I know the way.

°°I'll be the first to say
That now I'm okay
And for the first time
I've opened up my eyes

This was my worst love
You'll be the first to go
And when she leaves you for dead
You'll be the last to know°°