27 Jun 2012


Once a wise man said `If you are walking on a thin ice, you might as well dance`.

And I did. I danced. I may have failed, but at least I tried.
It's regrets that make you cry in the end, not the mistakes. Well, regrets and onions.

There is nothing much happening in Copenhagen. I am living my life. That is all there is.

One promise I need to say out loud, so I do not forget. `Clockwork orange`. Where do I get that book? I need to read it. I want to read it. And after - I will watch a movie once again. There's something I might have missed. If Mr. Jones tells it is a damn good movie, then it must. I may have been looking at it wrongly. We'll see.

And yes. Finally yesterday we made it. Our Tiramisu day turned into Tiramisu+Mojito night plus Mirror Mirror movie, but it was sooo great. Tiramisu tasted like a piece of heaven and I am not kidding. Mojitos.. Well okay, the first one was my epic fail, I forgot the lime [stop shouting, I know it was a very idiotic mistake, voices inside my head made enough fun of that already], but the next ones were lovely.

It's official. Me and Monika - we make a great team, we make fantastic sweets, gorgeous cocktails and fabulous talks of the boys and not just them [with her room-mate as well].

But today I started thinking. Am I taking this too far? I honestly am not doing anything. Anything wrong as well. Still, it brings dissapointment or just dissatisfaction of some others. But it's just the `I need to own it all` kind of a complex. It got nothing to do with me. I just mix drinks, you know.

As for you - I made my point. Turns out, I was right. Funny, isn't it? As for the sad part [there is always a sad part, isn't it?] - she really reminds me of her.

Only for the ones who understand black humour:

As for continuing with old/new found sounds:


`I feel like a girl of 17 again`

26 Jun 2012

°No one's gonna take me alive°

I have done it. I took my stand. I said it out loud. Now it´s only for you to respond. Or not. In any case - my safety net will save me from it all.

So you are still stalking me? Funny, since it's been over a year now. And it was tried real hard to make it clear to me as if it did not matter.

Whatever happens, never forget, always understand:
<....>Don't waste your time

Or time will waste you<....>

\Old/new\ sounds have been found. And I will hear them with my own ear. Muse, baby! Even if after almost half a year. Now if it only worked with Coldplay as well.

World, can we have a deal on this one? I get to see Coldplay. Please?

21 Jun 2012

°Unchain my heart°

After Copenhagen kicked my bottom seriously enough, I had a busy moments. It is even hard to write it all down, since for kind of 2 weeks or more I had no time to check my e-mail, go to the shop or do my laundry. I’ve been busy.

I have been working almost every day 2 shifts and it killed my feet. Literally. It still have not recovered, but we are getting there.

Despite that, all the rest was going pretty well. I managed to do all of those shifts and not to skip my work, which means more money and hopefully camera at the end of next month.

Nobby, sweetheart as he is, fastly and effectively managed to get me a new bike. And even though it is not my Houston Madison and that I had to take it to the shop to repair and that will cost me 500DKK, at least I have a bike and hopefully no bad person will steal it from me.

On my busy days and nights we managed to go out a few times. On the special birthday night [I really should say day, since we worked and then started `outing` at around 6.30 a.m.] we went for a beer, then to the park and blew some bubbles. The other night I joined boys in karaoke bar. And even though I did not sing, Michael gave me `Unchain my heart` in a pretty good voice. Kind of the last shift of Axelborg was celebrated with a big Hoeegarden glass and beer in it.

What else there. Well, I managed to give my computer for Mantas to hopefully finally fix it and be a normal on-line person again.

All the rest is in my head again. It’s one more time, like a separate movie. Separate life. Separate game. Only hurts the same as in a real life. That purple chair from Chandler’s mind somehow got into mine as well. Next to all of the rest of the stuff. But I will survive, because I have a safety net.

And since the line was drawn, that means not more obsession, no more unanswered questions and unlimited reconsiderations. It is as it is.

Off Topic
I may have been wrong all this time. You may have been the one. Too bad I am probably not the one for you though.

P.S. Some sounds just never get old. Will you play this one for me? What if I say please and buy you a drink?

8 Jun 2012

°Show me now°

Just when you think things have started to get into order. I made a deal to have a place to live from July, I got a positive answer to questions `could you help me out in putting new hdd in my old computer` and `could you help me recover information from my old hdd`, I ordered new hdd, I moved out and moved in in time. I worked good and hard and a lot. I read some Spanish [even though just a little, because of the lack of time], I was happy, I stopped analyzing or trying to question or answer.

It striked yesterday. By bike got stolen. Not just taken and dumped. Stolen. Chain cut, bike gone. In the middle of the night. I walked back home, all tired, furious and helpless. Miserable. I had full 5 hours of half-sleep, when you are waking up on several ocasions, where you dream strange things and feel more tired after you wake up. I packed, cleaned the room and went to another place, which I will call my home for more than 3 weeks. It started raining [of course, right?]. Back in my new home I decided to walk to school [still in the rain] and while walking and trying to figure out where are the answers to `where to get a new bike` and so on, I felt something heavy on my head. Some asshole threw a balloon full of water right on my head. Too bad for him it did not explode, but it still hurt.

Do I need to mention more? Copenhagen is REALLY not my best friend at this particular moment.

And on top of that - it's working night tonight. When the hell do I go look for a bike then? Because can I just tell you, living in Cph without a bike is like not living at all.

I miss my Houston Madison. My last baby that I had got stolen. Now I have none.

Did we started a battle, world? Some battle I did not know about? The last time we had a fight you promised to give me heads up before you start these practical jokes on me. And can I be honest here? You have a very strange sense of humour. Bring me my Houston Madison back!!

5 Jun 2012

°Cannot you see?°

Instead of going straight to school today, I did a little [well, it was not a little at all] loop around the neighborhood. Call me crazy, but I still have no idea how I managed to get to the wrong turn. I was just taking a short cut and instead – I had 1 hour of hardcore [against wind that is] biking. Well, here goes my cardio for the day.

Despite that, I got to strangely empty school building. Turns out- it is a day off in Denmark. AGAIN. Just my luck, Dalgas Have with nice computers and no people is locked up. Back to the library. I had to come wait till 10.00 and then enjoy the `let’s run for the seats as if our life depend on it` show.

Once in school some over-self-involved chick, feeling that she is very beautiful and probably the queen of the world came to me `could you maybe type more silently?` I mean, get over yourself. You are in a library, full of people, full of noises. People are talking to each other, on phones, kids are screaming, everyone is typing, but hell, my typing somehow is pissing little princess off.

What else of what fun am I getting today?

Actually, hopefully, I am getting some good news today. I am going to see this apartment for hopefully living from July. It is supposed to be a nice place and the guy, who owes it works with computers so I can only hope he will help me out with my hdd [maybe], since my friends apparently does not bother with telling me what hdd should I buy in order to put it in my laptop.

Another sound to be found:

Off Topic

No more lines. Two is way enough.

And I still need someone to hold my hand. By the way, did I mention that you just made my day. Even with maybe. And then if maybe turns into definitely – I will be almost as happy as seeing a snow storm outside my window.

I’m trying.