16 Sep 2013

°Summerly truffles a/o cabinet jacket°

Tick-tack tick-tack.

It's a little ironic, isn't it? And yet again, I am still there. Because I am a man of my own word.
Why do I do this here and not with my thesis paper? I need to be a man of my own word when it comes to finishing, graduating and making a final, so necessary change.

And yet.

Nevermind. The clock is not to be stopped at 3.07 a.m.

It's been a bit of a roller coaster. While I finished everything I thought I needed to do and got ready to sleep enough and then go to school to try and keep me at the studying level I got a call from my mom. And just like that, I rushed into all of the websites I knew, bought the tickets that were only 9 hours away and made myself on the way back home. To Lithuania.

It's been a simple must. I lost the very last grandparent I had. Also the one I knew best. Circle of life. Nothing to add I guess.

On my way back I was reading one of my books [won't be able to remember the name even if you asked] and it brought me some understanding of life. I know, you cannot take fiction seriously, but this one somehow I could have related. It hit me like with the rock, I have to say. It was hard to realize and at the same time a relief.

We all knew this is what is going to happen. Why did it take so much time for me?
And this time I cannot blame you or you. You did try to warn me.

And while back, it's been another kind of a roller coaster. I worked whole Thursday and in the evening when to see [or better scream] The Conjuring. On Friday I met a long seen friend and as always the night grew to be long. On Sunday I had a little flashback from home - we went to watch basketball in a bar where only Lithuanians gather [since the game was in Lithuanian]. So after that the 5 of us continued the night and ended having a very pleasant after basketball victory time.

It was a good weekend.

And now there is that tick tack thing going on.
And I am making a change. Whatever it takes, this time there is no way back.
Except for... Oh well, I still believe it's worth it.
We'll just have to wait and see your reaction.

Off Topic
Have you ever thought why in every wrist watch commercial the arrows point to 10 and 2? As in: 10:10?
I looked through the whole catalog of duty free in my plane and they all had that.
You'd think someone would have figured it out by now..

This only proves that I am the winner. Not that there was any competition. But between the two of us.. anything that would be a competition would not be exactly fair.
Somehow that makes me feel good.
I won.

4 Sep 2013

°I give my first love to you°

“My love life has a time limit. Let me rephrase that. Our love life has a time limit.”

I freakin loved that movie.

“My love had a time limit, but it lasted a lifetime.”

Do you know what it does to me? You probably don’t. Not that I can blame you.
The finish line is here. We are almost there. Just somebody whispers me, no one wants to participate in the race anymore.

Life has been as usual.

Except for the waiting.


And there came that sting. I know it stings mutually. Still does not make it any better.

****ed up timing you say. And I want to agree, because that would mean it’s not my fault.
I don’t know what to think anymore.


Tomorrow is the new day. And I better kick my own **s good and motivating.
I need my escape.

I'm gonna run away with you
Gonna run away into your eyes blue
I'm gonna run away with you
I'm gonna run away-into your eyes blue

P.S. Admit it, now you are wondering who could have had blue eyes. No, it’s not me. I am still starving for the green ones. Sadly, all of the songs are made for the blue ones. Except that one. Yeah, that was a good song.