24 May 2015

°Treat me like you do°

My head's still spinning, too much is happening, and I thought adulthood was boring..

I'm becoming a responsible adult. I am still a teenager in a heart though. And a `I can do it all, I can have it all` believer. Strange, even though I understand that it is time to get serious, I just don't feel like it. My friend from since I can remember is very excited about us getting serious and mature young woman and all I want to do is eat cherry pie and drink beer all night talking about boys, kisses, secret crushes and other far-from-mature nonsense. 

Is this my destiny? Never growing up, never growing old?

I bought an apartment. Everytime I unlock the doors I get a little excitement in my heart. I have home. For the first time in my life I have home. Sure, my home has nothing in it, still is waiting for the floors to be done and kitchen needs renovation, but it is my home. And sure, I hated it for the last two days, when I was scrubbing old dirt and whatever else is there from the floors, I am still excited to having my own home. It even smells differently..

Work's been good. I am still making mistakes and learning from them, finding new things to be interested and new challenges to keep me motivated. All is good. 

And Vienna was amazing. Oh yes, did I not tell you? I went to Vienna for a long weekend. It was raining, it was shining, it was old and it was different. We had a lovely holiday. Kind of. Since we were walking about a million miles a day. Countless cafes, great pastries, very nice wineries and very good beer - what else could you want from the city. Great classical concerts for free? You got it. Amazingly nice and efficient waitress in crowded food market? Well, of course.

Overall experience from Vienna - approved. You should go and check it out yourself. 

Off Topic

I just got a mental reminder - by around this time I would have ended my Camino walk. Sure, many amazing things happened while Camino was put on hold, but I still cannot help but wonder - would I be different now? Would the walk have made a change?

I guess now we'll never know. Or at least for now we won't know.
We still got the deal, world, remember? I get to walk the walk. You get to... I don't know what you want still, but I am ready to provide.