28 Feb 2019

Final Chapter: When you run out of words, not time.

It's hard to get out once you've sunk it, no matter if it is the good kind of sinking or bad. I've sunk and I still feel slight high because of it. So many things have changed, so many thoughts ran through my head and yet, there you are. Still. As if nothing changed and as if this is what was supposed to happen. Just like my casino at the end of the world, except completely different. You understand.

Aotearoa [or New Zealand] is now at the very top of that "best countries overall and the ones I want to go back" list for me now. It has everything and even more to offer and you could not feel more welcome than there. People are nice. Genuinely nice. You can have a chit chat with a supermarket cashier and she/he will be smiling back honestly. The nature, given good weather is breath taking and so different just a few hours of driving from one to another. Rich in all kinds of outdoor activities, especially walking, camping, exploring... I could go on.

Once I got to Niue, I realized what a paradise island actually is, especially when it is not cramped with tourists and other loiterers. One week, almost half of that raining, but nothing but brilliant - swimming in the water holes or caves, snorkeling where you are not afraid to drift deep and far into the ocean, little hiking so reach some unspoiled and amazing creations of nature and then read endlessly books, while having a glass of wine and watching the extraordinary sunset or rain falling down from your roof. 

Indonesia came and went like a confusing dream, since half the time I was drunk on happiness and the other half I was busy doing this or that or... well.. nothing. Still considering the state of mind, still managed to see a lot, experience quite a bit and explore some, once again, unspoiled corners of this highly touristy country, and not exactly fall in love, but definitely get to liking of the place.

And then there was Australia. The place that confused me the most. On the one hand, I really wanted to see and explore it all. On the other, I was having a very hard time concentrating on anything that was happening around me, because.... well, you. Anyways, with the limited amount of time and lots and lots of flying back and forth I have managed to see a lot, to experience quite a bit, to meet some new people or re-visit the old ones and have a really great time. 

And now I am back. Straight to a different type of adventure. Something I have never done before. I guess you're still young, if you still got first times up your sleeve.

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World, what do you still have up your sleeve?